asuCATHOLIC Community

The asuCatholic community is the Catholic outreach that serves Arizona State University and the surrounding community colleges. We are a people who together strive to answer God’s call to “Go and make disciples of all nations,” seeking to make the love of Christ known on our campus and in our world.

Are you Ready to be an asuCatholic Student Leader?

asuCatholic is looking for students with a missionary heart who would like to share their efforts and time to transform with the light of Christ the ASU Campus.

Applications will be accepted until Sunday, April 18.


Small Groups

Lots of discovery going on in college, like who you are and who you want to be. Small groups provide the support and friendship necessary for the journey. There’s nothing like having people around you committed to celebrating the victories and carrying you through the defeats. Don’t do life alone, inquire now.

Service Events

In helping those who are suffering, you can find a strength that can change the world. Join us in our monthly service events taking part in one of our local service initiatives. Check and sign up for the next opportunity.


Men's & Women's Night

Men’s and Women’s nights are once a month on Fridays. They are opportunities for students to develop strong bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood and to be called on to the christian view of masculinity and femininity.


There is no such thing as a party with no food. We get THE FOOD! An asuCatholic party can be one of the best ways that you can take a break from school and work to relax and make new friends. Come meet awesome people in the community, play some games, and enjoy the music! Come see why a party with asuCatholic is one of the things that students look forward to most.


In case you haven’t heard, asuCatholic retreats are legendary! Think epic memories, awesome relationships, and a powerful experience you’ll never forget. Don’t just take our word for it, learn more and register now.


Mission Trips

Through asuCatholic Mission Trips, we respond to God’s call to be a Church that goes forth. These trips provide new opportunities for growth, experiences of new places, human realities, and communities of faith, and the opportunity to bring back that experience and become missionary disciples in the community. Sign up now and get ready to have your life rocked! You’ll never be the same.