SPO Missionaries

SPO partners with campus ministries across the country to build a vibrant culture of faith-filled young people. Rooted in the Sacraments and the life of the Church, our students and missionaries spend several hours per week on campus meeting new students, building relationships, and connecting students to peers that are striving to follow Christ. Retreats, small groups, attending weekly events, living in one of our Catholic households, or joining us for campus outreach are some of the ways we support students' growth and conversion. SPO helps provide a sense of genuine community in all we do, as well as invitation to a life-changing encounter with Christ, long-lasting friendships, and mature discipleship. Our prayer is that lives be transformed now and always!

Students can email arizona@spo.org to contact us.

Alex Dluzynski

St. Paul's Outreach Missionary

Michael Nichols

St. Paul's Outreach Missionary