Planned Giving: A Spiritual Legacy

Stewardship is a Catholic principle that teaches us to be good stewards of all that God has given us. When you make a planned gift to the Newman Center, we are not only supporting the Newman Center's mission, but we are also living out the principle of stewardship. You are setting an example and you are supporting the Newman Center.

There are many ways to make a planned gift to the Newman Center. Here are a few ways to give:

  • Wills and Bequests: Include the Newman Center in your will or trust. This is a simple and effective way to make a lasting impact.

  • Donate Securities. Donate your appreciated securities. Support Newman and receive a favorable charitable deduction for your gift.*

  • Retirement accounts (IRAs, 401Ks): You can name the Newman Center as a beneficiary of your retirement account, or take a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) from your IRA and receive tax savings.*

  • Life insurance: Designate the Newman Center as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

  • Real Estate: You can donate real estate directly to the Newman Center. This is a wonderful way to support our mission and programs.

*Please discuss with your financial and tax advisors.

If you are interested in all the ways to support the Newman Center by making a planned gift, or have questions about an estate plan for your family, please contact Chris Tawney at 480-967-7823 to learn more.

By making a planned gift, you are setting an example for others and helping to ensure the future of the Newman Center. Your gift will help the Newman Center continue to provide spiritual growth and support to students at ASU for generations to come.