Mission Trips


“I was pleased to learn of the evangelizing outreach and the joyful vitality of your university chaplaincy, which is a sign of a young, lively Church that “goes forth”. The missions that take place each year in different parts of the country are an impressive and enriching reality. With these, you are able to broaden your outlook and encounter different situations that, along with regular events, keep you on the move.

“Missionaries”, in the etymological sense of the word, are never equal to the mission; they learn to be sensitive to God’s pace through their encounter with all sorts of people who they either did not know, did not have daily contact with or were at a distance”.

—Pope Francis, Speech on the Catholic University of Chile, 2018.

Experience Our Past Missions

Wondering what it is like to join us on a mission? Or maybe you want to view the photos and remember the awesome experience you had on a past mission.